about CVGLS

The law is always a step behind technology. In particular, the legal profession has expressed extreme difficulty in addressing the technical and expressive qualities present in video games. Video games are subtly complex by their very nature, and do not seem to fit completely into any singular field of law. The fields of copyright, trademark, patent, constitutional, and business law have all been applied to video games in an effort to regulate and protect them. As often as not, as many conflicting applications of law emerge as congruent ones.

The fourth annual Chicago Video Game Law Summit will be held on November 9th at the Chicago Bar Association in Chicago, Illinois. CVGLS 2018 will feature panels discussing hot topics in video game law ranging from the future of eSports to the constantly evolving intellectual property protections for video games. Organized by CBA YLS Creative Arts Committee, CVGLS 2018 aims to create a public forum where gamers and lawyers can explore, explain, and debate the latest issues in video game law.